Portfolio Submission Artist Statement

I have always considered painting a discrete language, not of words but of perception, feelings and beliefs. My abstract paintings are visual metaphors for the internal aspects of my life. These images present unique qualities of the artist just as handwriting does. However, the nuances of meaning are more open to interpretation in a painting. Like music, some pieces resonate more than others with the viewer. Subtle gestures, mark-making and colour shifts may reflect the personal sensibilities of the viewer if they allow this interaction. Just as a language can be acquired, so too, can the ability to perceive the mood, or subtext, of an abstract painting.

As a visual artist I believe a successful painting should engage the viewer on many levels. Visually of course, but also in a tactile sense which evokes a memory, something familiar or a range of emotions. The viewer is challenged to react viscerally not just intellectually.  I would describe my work as Lyrical Abstract Expressionist as I seek to express a variety of concepts which are difficult to put into words. Most of my paintings have a highly textured surface and incorporate multiple layers of glazing.  I combine distinctive mark-making and energetic brushwork with a vibrant colour palette. I would like the viewer to bring a personal interpretation to the work and decide what it means to them.




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